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What Does It means to Walk with God
-God is the absolute authority over your life and destiny.
-It means to love him and walk in total surrender, we are created for fellowship before stewardship.
-Fellowship is why we were created, we are left with three (3)things but one(1) is the Zenith. 2 Cor 13vs 14, when you love God you are empowered to live above sin and difficulties, your love for God strains your weakness.

What are The Three Indicators of Working with God
-It indicates a meeting with God, that you have met with God.
-It indicates a movement with God in the right direction.
-It indicates you already have a merger with God, a solid union between you and God.

Faith is the true north of working with God. Heb 11 vs 5.
Enoch didn’t just walk with God, he worked for God.
Family /Marriage is not an excuse not to walk with God.
When God calls you to walk with him, it is for you to follow him, to carry your cross and follow him Matt 11 vs 28-30.
Anything that represents your basis of seeking God outside of God is idolatry.
Your walk with God brings you to total surrender and worship, if you don’t find yourself worshiping God, you are not yet there.

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