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Our mission is clear, we are dedicated to Raising Kingdom Generals and Ambassadors, equipping a generation anointed for dominance in a world that needs God's love and guidance.

We proudly identify ourselves as Anointed, Rich, and Dominating. Rooted in our faith, we understand our purpose to be leaders and lights in a world that seeks hope and inspiration. Our core values serve as the guiding principles for our community, fostering godly character, upholding excellence in all we do, and keeping the fire of the Holy Spirit burning brightly in our hearts through deep engagement with the Word, fervent worship, and dedicated prayer.

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    Our strategic focus for the year is centered on investing in the spiritual maturity of every member of our youth ministry. Our aim is to guide each member on a transformative journey, shifting from ``child-like`` believers to well-groomed, matured believers who will, in turn, transform the world around them. We are dedicated to building members full of fire, excellence, and impeccable character. Our conscious effort in creating a culture around our core values (CEF) ensures that we are not just believers, but active ambassadors of Christ's love.

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