Coronavirus and the Church

How the Coronavirus pandemic has affected Church Services Worldwide.

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I got to church very early on Sunday and to my utmost surprise, I saw a hand sanitizer dispenser at the entrance of the church. Of course, the dispenser was mounted in response to curtailing the spread of the Coronavirus and ensuring good personal hygiene. Everyone was mandated to use the hand sanitizer. At some point, people had to line up so they could use it. It is definitely an important measure in ensuring proper personal hygiene during this period.

Throughout the world, churches, synagogues, temples and worship centres have been affected by this pandemic. Some churches have had to implement certain measures so that the spread of the Coronavirus will be limited. Lots of churches have had to get hand sanitizers just like mine, placed them at strategic points so their congregations can use them adequately and effectively. 

Another important measure that some churches have taken is by checking the temperature of their congregation with thermometers and scanners. This way, people with high temperatures and Coronavirus related symptoms can be observed, isolated and taken care of. Churches would have to report such cases to the health authorities in their cities, counties, states, regions and countries.

In the United States of America, churches like Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, The Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas, and Transformation Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, have had to suspend physical services in their churches as authorities have restricted the number of people that can gather together in one place due to the Coronavirus pandemic. They have now resorted to using online means via platforms like Facebook, YouTube and their official websites.

Some churches like the Redeemed Christian Church of God will definitely be prepared for events like this because they have well structured house fellowship centres where a small group of people can fellowship together. However, important measures for maintaining proper personal hygiene will definitely be put in place.

Of a truth, these are trying times for the church. However, the church of God must remain prayerful, hopeful and faithful. God will certainly turn things around for the good of the Church.

Written by: Femi Oyesile

IG: realfemioyesile

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