Nutrition & Corona Virus

Do you remember the “salt and water” for Ebola prevention thing that was pulled on us when Ebola crawled in? How a lot of Nigerians literally started living on salt and water mixture was preposterous! That big english to replace “mad oh!” but nothing can replace the fact that we as Nigerians are always ready to take preventive measures against anything that poses to be life threatening.That is a good thing because it is a pointer to the reality that nobody wants to die but bad because that act is most times driven by panic and panic would make you take in any sort of information without filtering wrong from right.

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Do not be deceived, there is no particular food at the moment guranteed to protect you from the coronavirus, however having a strong immune system can go a long way to reduce the risk of contamination. And for those already affected by the virus, having a strong immune can also determine recovery and survival chances. So the question now is how strong is your immune system?

If you have not been taking healthy eating as a thing, it is high time you started taking it serious. All the nutrients you need to boost your immunity would not fall from heaven, those nutrients are embedded in food, and not just food but healthy foods. Vitamins and minerals are necessary for building a healthy immune system and they can be gotten from fruits, green leafy vegetables, non leafy vegetables, fortified and supplemented foods.

That orange seller at your bus stop that you just usually pass by, it is time to start stoping by to purchase some oranges. We are so blessed in Nigeria to have healthy foods at a cheap price, its calorie and sugar dense foods that are expensive here. With 100 naira you can get four medium sized oranges and that is enough for a day. So many other fruits are in season now, mango, pineapple, banana, watermelon, pawpaw etc . Fruits are high in vitamins and they should be your go to snack this period.

How strong is your immune system?

Vitamins and minerals found in green leafy vegetables too cannot be overemphasized, stop eating your eba with ordinary stew, with 50 naira you can buy “Efo soko or tete” and your immune system would literally say thank you. Even if green leafy vegetables is not your preference, there are other non leafy vegetables that are good for your immunity like carrot, cucumber, garden egg, onions, tomatoes etc.

Take note that for you to see results, healthy eating has to become an habit and not just a one day thing. Be concious and deliberate about what you consume as food. Even after corona virus has gone, the importance of vitamins and minerals on your immune system is still going to be relevant. You are only as healthy as what you eat.

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