Happy Feet (How to walk with God)

Amos 3:3
Happy feet are feet that are walking in alignment with God.
To walk with God, you have to know him.
It is impossible to walk with someone that you do not know.

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Knowing God involves an encounter with his person.
Any supernatural experience that makes a person or thing revealed to you is called an encounter.
An encounter with God increases your faith and your boldness.
Every believer must move from hearsay to encountering God.
A tangible encounter leads to conviction.

Your Exploits and capacity in the kingdom is based on your knowledge of God – Akinyemi Akinwole

It also involves a comprehension of his abilities and capabilities, you know what God can do. Sometimes we limit God by our perception of him. Eph1:17-20

Your exploits and capacity in the kingdom is based on your knowledge of God. Jeremiah 9:23-24.

Understanding the power that backs you up, removes fear, hence you must always upgrade through knowledge. Compromise is proof that you do not know God.

How do I walk with God:
-Include him in everything you do: Proverbs 3:6. In all your ways acknowledge him.
-Release whatever holds you back from being close to God. Genesis 5:22.
-Bear fruit. Produce results.
-Desire to know more of him.
-Ask him for strength renewal.

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