Walking with God

“Be the one who walks with the Lord” – Shellie Palmer

Think of how a child grows and learns to navigate this world, the same goes for a believer’s walk with God.

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The Bible is so clear about the basis of God’s love to everyone which is Jesus Christ and the life exchange that he offers once anyone believes in him John 3:16.

But that is just the start of a beautiful and eternal journey of walking with God. The beautiful journey of unlimited access to the Father’s love.

In walking with God, one thing that is always a standard his is love. -Toyin Akande

During one of our Sunday sermon at church, Mrs Moyo Akinwole talked on overcoming depression and she said “God’s love is our hope”. It stuck.

It reminded me of people who belong to the school of thought that “love is the strongest force in the universe”, they’d be right to think so because God is love. So when everything seems to be going south, we look towards the north to our hope, relying in the strength of his love.

Np: Reckless Love by Bethel music.

In walking with God, one thing that is always a standard his is love.

The consciousness of a Father whose love is endless and overwhelming.

A Father who cannot habour evil.

A Father chastises in love.

A good Father.

So even in growing (baby steps and lots of mistakes) and our maturing (trust and responsibilities, His love will always be constant, ever working in us and through us, even when don’t see it.

Written by: Oluwatoyin Akande

IG: the_oluwatoyin

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