Coffee & Conversation with Pastor Tonye Cole

In giving out ideas, you get better and better ideas.

Keep giving it out. If you don’t, the last good idea you had is what you’ll still keep holding on to.

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Every large company starts small. Don’t despise the days of little beginning.

Start small but don’t stop dreaming BIG

Talent is universal, opportunity is not. Be prepared always; your opportunities can come at any time.- Pastor Tonye Cole

3 F’s that help you start with a business and finance:


Once you have an idea you go to your family, they will give you money without really questioning your business ideas.
Most people blow up the money after collecting it.
You can still collect from your family again but it’ll be harder the next time. The 3rd time is most likely the last time and the hardest. Friends can also fund you but at most time they just do it twice before they unfriend you. A fool can also fund you but it’ll only happen once

If you blow up all this opportunities, then you’ll have to sweat very hard.

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You need something that stands out.‬ You need to study and understand who your target is and what makes you unique.‬ Use that as your leverage point.‬

Trust is a major issue in partnership.
When there is no trust ,nothing can move.
Partnership for progress is not something you should toy with.

‪You have to be disciplined with money in partnership to set up a business.‬ There must be equity in partnership ‬
‪Equity in partnership allows equally effort to be put in by all partners.



  • Thank You Pastor Tonye Cole and Rccglsc for such an insightful conversation.
    I’m glad to say this is my church

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