The Pursuit of Purpose

Purpose, Mission and Ambition are all good but vision is greater.

Your ambition is good if it aligns with your vision.
There is nothing on earth that is useless. Any man without a vision is in a state rest that is detrimental. Hebrews 12:2

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A man will always be in a state of rest till he sees the vision to run with. Even #Jesus has to open the book to see the vision about him by prophet Isaiah. Luke 4:17-21.

As children of God; that thing that you think is pertaining to only you isn’t a vision but an ambition. Your vision isn’t for you but for the good of the whole of humanity.

If you do not pursue your vision your dream will be your nightmare- Dnc. Adeola Abolaji

There are many of us that Things have to die before the vision for our lives begin to manifest.

Until you find your purpose in life you are a nonentity.

Without Vision. your dream will become your nightmare. Your vision will allow others to fulfill their vision.

If you don’t have a vision you will pray the wrong prayer. Assumption is not you vision.

When you find your place, there is always space for you.

Prayer :
Lord i want my vision to be clear..
Lord I want my ears and my eyes to be opened.
Lord let me be a light to my generation.
Lord that Vision that will outlive me and my family, grant unto me.

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